The video is part of a series of four episodes on the Brazilian system of social protection and presents general concepts of the Bolsa Família Program and the Unified Registry by true testimonials from beneficiaries and practitioners of social programs. The series was produced by WWP, with the support of the state and municipal governments of Rio de Janeiro.

Note: After the series of videos was produced in February 2014, the Bolsa Familia Program benefits were increased by 10%. As from 1 June 2014, the Program began to benefit families with monthly incomes of under R$154 per person, and the minimum amount paid monthly for each family member was increased from R$70 to R$77. Furthermore, the variable benefit paid to pregnant women, nursing mothers, children or adolescents up to 15 years old increased from R$32  to R$35 (up to a limit of R$175 per family) and the variable benefit for adolescents aged up to 17 years old increased from R$38 to R$42 per month (up to a limit of R$84 per family per month). Read more.
Video 1 – Eligibility, registration and information systems

Video 2 – Delivery of benefits

Video 3 – Links with health and education through conditionalities

Video 4 – Rural and urban productive inclusion