Data on some 27 million Brazilian families are retained in a single registry – the Unified Registry for Social Programs (CadÚnico) – a useful tool for identifying and describing the socioeconomic conditions of low-income families.

This Unified Registry is certainly important, but a key question arises: how does Brazil guarantee the security and confidentiality of family data? Over 20 Federal programs, in addition to related policies at the State and municipal levels, have access to this information to enable them to select beneficiaries.

In the 5th edition of WWP Quick Question, Larissa Sobral Lourenço, Advisor in the Unified Registry Department of the Ministry of Social Development, answers the question asked by Magdy Ezzat El Hennawy of Egypt´s Ministry of Planning, Oversight and Administrative Reform of Egypt.

Direction: Eduardo Garcês, with the collaboration of Júlia Segatto, Júlia Pacheco and Marco Prates

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