05/10/2016 - 05/13/2016
Language: Portuguese
Foto: Marco Prates
Policy makers from all over the world came to Brazil to learn about its social protection system. Photo: Marco Prates

Delegations from over 40 countries attended the XI International Seminar on Social Policies for Development. Amounting to 69 participating nations with embassy representatives, the event was held in Brasilia from 10 to 13 of May at the Cullinan Hplus Premium Hotel.

The participants learned about the bases of the Brazilian social protection system, such as conditional cash transfer, the Unified Registry for Social Programs, the Unified Social Assistance System, how information management is done, among other topics.

The seminar was coordinated by the Ministry of Social Development and Fight against Hunger of Brazil with the support of the Centre of Excellence against Hunger of the World Food Programme, the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO), the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) and the Brazil Learning Initiative for a World without Poverty (WWP).

The International Seminar has being organized by the MDS since 2012 in order to respond in a effective way to constant requests of foreign delegations curious about Brazil’s social programs



See below all the presentations made at the four days of the seminar.


1st – Tiago Falcão: The evolution of Brazilian social policies: from Bolsa Família to the Brazil without Extreme Poverty Plan

2nd – Rodrigo Lofrano: The Bolsa Família Program: 12 years of inclusion and citizenship in Brazil

3rd – Denise Direito: The Unified Registry for Social Programs 


4th – Ana Maria Segall Corrêa: The Governance to Guarantee Food and Nutrition Security in Brazil 

Patrícia Chaves Gentil: Governance to Guarantee the Right to Adequate Food

5th – Sara Lopes: National School Feeding Program: Local Purchase from Family Farming

Elisângela Sanches: Brazilian policies for food and nutrition security: Public Procurement from family farming

6th – Janine Coutinho: The Promotion of Healthy Eating

Yara da Silva Farias: Cisterns Program: National Program of Rainwater Harvesting Support and Other Social technologies of Access to Water


7th – Juliana Fernandes: SUAS: Advantages and Challenges of an Unified Social Assistance System


8th – Paula Montagner: Information and Knowledge for Social Development Policies


Also, take a look at this video that summarizes the XI International Seminar on Social Policies for Development: