Food Security

The Food Purchase Program – PAA has two basic purposes: to promote people’s access to food and to encourage family farming.

To achieve these two objectives, the program purchases foodstuffs from family farms with no need for tendering procedures, and delivers them to people in a situation of food and nutrition insecurity, as well as those served by the official social assistance network, the government’s food and nutrition security bodies, and the public and charity schools network.

The PAA contributes to the building of Government food stocks and to the stockpiling of foodstuffs by family farming organizations. In addition, the program promotes the actual purchasing of foodstuffs by Government, bolsters regional and local marketing networks, fosters biodiversity and organic and agroecological food production, supports cooperatives and associations, and encourages healthy eating habits.

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Other program related to food and nutritional security is the Cisterns Program (Programa Cisternas) — National Program to Support Rainwater Harvesting and other Social Technologies for Accessing Water.

The program is one of the main components of the Water for All Program and is aimed at building concrete plate cisterns for storing water for household consumption and at using water storage techniques to benefit productive activities, as well as building cisterns in rural schools in the Semi-Arid Region.

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