With its continental proportions and low population density, Amazonia is home to more than 35 million people distributed across nine South American countries. The efforts of the various governments to deliver social assistance services to meet the needs of this population are confined by the specific characteristics of the Amazonian territory, such as the difficult access to the widely scattered and culturally diverse areas of Amazonia.

These and other challenges are addressed in this video, produced on the occasion of the 1st Pan-Amazonian Seminar on Social Protection.

Directed by Eduardo Garcês and Marco Prates
Script and interviews: Marco Prates
Photography and editing: Eduardo Garcês
Music soundtrack: Pride of Pimlico/ Great Spirit (Wooden Legs – CC)
Archive footage:
Abre-te Cérebro Produções (www.abretecerebro.com)
Ministry of Health (Brazil)
“Saúde e Alegria” Project