The World without Poverty Initiative has launched a new website with an easier-to-navigate user interface. French has been added to the site as yet another official language to enhance the exchange of knowledge on social protection

Brasília, March 9, 2017 – It is is now even easier to find out about the anti-poverty actions carried out under Brazil’s social protection system and that of other countries with similar experiences. The Brazil Learning Initiative for a World without Poverty (WWP) now has a new completely redesigned website aimed at simplifying navigation and research on specific issues.

The aim of the new site is to enable content to be easily accessed on different digital devices, such as smartphones and tablets. One of the new features of the site is WWP content in French, which has now joined English, Spanish and Portuguese as the fourth official language of the site.

This means that the 60 technical documents produced by the WWP since 2014 – on the Bolsa Família, the Unified Registry, food security, monitoring and evaluation, and so on – are now available to readers in Francophone countries.

Claudia Baddini, a World Bank social protection specialist and a member of the WWP team, is convinced, as a result of feedback from the WWP events over recent years, that there is a clear demand for information in French (especially from the Francophone African countries) about ways in which Brazil has handled the problems of poverty reduction.

According to Claudia “We also want to get closer to these people so that we can  learn about their interests and the challenges facing them in the ​​social protection area”.

On the new site users can download publications in different languages ​​without having to quit the page. Furthermore, the new homepage highlights the WWP´s three most recent videos, and presents information about the next event to be held or supported by WWP. Browsing, filtering and classifying the many available WWP products has also been improved.

The site also contains new material related to WWP´s concept of poverty. This is of course the core theme in WWP´s mission, which is to boost the exchange of knowledge between countries as a way of encouraging countries to adopt innovative solutions in the area of social protection.


We advise Francophone readers unfamilar with WWP publications, etc, to first look at material on Brazilian social policies in the section of the website that contains all the material produced exclusively by WWP. Readers will find here a page dedicated to productive inclusion.

The multimedia products to be published in French include is the latest series of videos dealing with projects related increased productive capacity in Brazil´s rural and urban areas. Each video provides an interesting insight into the challenges and successes of people involved in each of the case studies.

The first, (viewable below ) is the Better Life Program (Programa Vida Melhor)  in the state of Bahia, which seeks to generate income and ensure access to rights for entrepreneurs of the popular economy, low-income workers excluded from the formal labor market.

The WWP is the result of a partnership between the World Bank, the International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth of the United Nations Development Program (IPC-IG/UNDP), the Ministry of Social and Agrarian Development (MDSA) Applied Economics (Ipea).

WWP publications have been downloaded more than 190,000 times since 2014 by readers in more than 150 countries.

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