Bolsa Familia

Brazilian conditional direct cash transfer program aimed at households with family incomes equal to or less than R$ 85.00 per person (in extreme poverty) and households with per capita income between R$ 85.01 and R$ 170.00 (in poverty), provided that they have children or adolescents from 0 to 17 years old.

The Bolsa Familia Program (BFP) operates in three dimensions, which contribute pivotally to achieving its main goal: overcoming the reproductive cycle of poverty in families. These dimensions are:

1st: Promote immediate poverty relief through direct cash transfers to families;

2nd: Strengthen the exercise of basic social rights in the areas of healthcare, education and social assistance, through the fulfillment of conditionalities;

3rd: Promote opportunities for the development of families, through actions that promote the overcoming of vulnerability and poverty by BFP beneficiaries.

Download our introductory items on the BFP. For a quick glance, see the Fact Sheet. For a more comprehensive and detailed overview you can also access the Data Sheet.

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The series of videos on the Brazilian System of Social Protection explains the basic concepts behind the BFP from the inquiries of a beneficiary of the program and through interviews with managers and technicians of social programs in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

The series of short and dynamic videos WWP Quick Question give a better understanding of the intersectorial conditionalities management of the PBF and also explains how the Brazilian model was adapted to the Republic of the Congo cash transfer program, Lisungi.

And these ones, The Family Monitoring and Management of Conditionalities, show the importance of the social assistance and the monitoring of non-compliance with conditionalities at the Bolsa Familia Program management.